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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 30, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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technology and that as scary as that is, the best defense is to an wa be aware everything you online, you're being watched. >> keep your anti-virus up to date. for most part, once the information leaves your computer, at least one person, that's the website you're visiting, can track it. >> reporter: chad myers, cnn, atlanta. top of the hour, several people have been injured in a plane crash in guyana, but no one was killed. the boeing 737 originated in new york and crashed at an airport in georgetown early this morning. the plane split in two. the caribbean airlines plane was carrying more than 160 passengers and crew. the hunt is on for the person or people who stole 27 rifles from ft. irwin in california. that's where the army conducts extensive desert training. the rifles were reported missing two weeks ago. so far we're hearing one firearm has been recovered. federal investigators are hoping
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a $10,000 reward will lead them to the weapons or to whom ever may have taken them. the awol private accused of plotting an attack on soldiers stationed at ft. hood in texas is now being held without bond. naser jason abdo was in court yesterday. he was arrested after being tipped off by a gun store clerk. officials say they found bomb-making materials in abdo's motel room. they also say abdo admitted he plans to set off bombs at a restaurant popular with soldiers. texas is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in its history. right now in texas conditions are worse than during the dust bowl of the 1930s. take a look at this house right here across texas, many houses are shifting on their foundations because of the extreme dry soil. in some cases foundations have sunk or shifted more than 5 inches and repairs are
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expensive. >> it sank even more since the drought. it cracked. front door locks, i had changed out about a month and a half ago and now the front door wouldn't lock again because it has sunk down. there is big cracks in the ground where they were just little cracks. and it is just getting worse. >> unbelievable. another sign of the worsening drought this week is ponds evaporate, ranchers are selling their cattle early at a loss. this is likely to translate into higher food prices for all of us. just three days until possible default and still no solution in sight. the u.s. senate rejected a u.s. house plan to raise the debt ceiling last night. and in just a few minutes or so, the house is expected to block a senate plan to raise the debt ceiling. democrats and republicans continue to spar on capitol hill. >> this is not a crisis which we couldn't control. this isn't an earthquake or a tornado or a hurricane.
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it isn't a war. it is a created political crisis. the extension of the debt ceiling has been done routinely 89 times since 1939, 55 times by republican presidents, 34 times by democratic presidents, and president ronald reagan holds the record having extended the debt ceiling 18 times in eight years without a confrontation, without the american economy threatening a collapse. >> the measure of my good friend is offering is not acceptable to the senate. it is not acceptable to the house. it will not pass. i think the american people would appreciate it if we go on and get that out of the way and get serious about talking. >> to capitol hill now, senate majority leader harry reid in the room. let's take the full screen and see if the expectation is that he will be speaking. let's check in with kate bolduan
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on capitol hill as well to give us an idea of what is taking place right now. we know that senators mitch mcconnell had a lot to say. so did patrick leahy moments ago as well dick durbin. we have been hearing from all of them who have been debating this whole issue of trying to reach some compromise as the sparring continues, kate. while we wait for harry reid to speak, give us an idea of what is taking place. where are we as it pertains to these proposals? >> reporter: we're tracking a couple of things at this very moment, fredricka. one thing we're watching, we're waiting to hear from harry reid, who will be integral in reaching whatever compromise if there is a compromise, to be reached, he'll be integral in being part of those negotiations on the part of democrats here in congress. i think he's actually speaking, fredric fredricka. let's listen in for a second. >> be fairly quick. there has been a number of conversations as i walk in here
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about the letter i got from 43 republicans today. it is pretty interesting that the 43 republicans, a number of whom are in contact with me and others, one person who signed that letter has met with one of my democratic senators and that democratic senator has met with chairman of the budget committee and so there are things going on. i don't know what the 43 letters was meant to be, whether the stalling, i don't understand. but we have 43 people on this letter, republicans, and a number of them have already agreed to work with us. whether it bears fruit, we will see. now, we have -- people should understand what this is all about. the only game in town, the only one left standing is the one on the floor at the end of the day. we have the ability to change
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that still today before the 12:00 hour passes, we can still do this. we can still change this. if my republican colleagues acting in good faith come to me with a proposal that is what we will do. we are at a crucial time in history of the country, it's true. the republicans who didn't sign the letter, i certainly hope that have signed the letter will continue working with us and help us come up with a proposal. we have until midnight tonight. that's what we're doing here on the floor. we're stopping a filibuster from doing our very best to stop the stalling on this important piece of legislation. they, meaning the republicans. to show you how tight the stakes are, let me look at a ap news article that came out today. in fact, a few minutes ago. i read, half a world away from
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capitol hill, in fact, capitol hill deadlock, the which he and debt crisis are weighing heavily on u.s. troops in afghanistan. and the top question on their minds saturday, even as bombings rock the city around them, was the top u.s. military officer couldn't answer. a question he couldn't answer. will we -- these are soldiers in afghanistan with bombs bursting around them and here is what the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said. and i quote, i actually don't know the answer to that question. i noknow mike mcmullen responde while at the same time saying continuing to work each day, wearing the uniform, listening to bombs go off around them.
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that's why today we have with us some -- what is referred to you by you press folks as real people. i guess we're not. we have students like laura and sydney, veterans like bill and roger and carlos, arianna, who is a senior, guillermo, who say senior, lucia, a senior, felicia is a senior, mary ellen is a senior, alisa is a senior, they're here representing the millions of people around this country who are as brave as the soldiers on the front lines in afghanistan. we don't have time for more delaying tactics. we need to get to the business at hand. we have a message that we can send back to the house very quickly. that's why we got rid of the -- i'm sorry, that's why we got the message so quickly last night, we wanted to get to what we're
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trying to do today and that is solve this problem we have. we can't do this alone. we need the republicans to join with us. we hope that before midnight approaches they will come to us and we will have worked during that -- during the day to say, thanks, that's a good idea, but i haven't heard anything from the republican leader. now, i hope he knows his troops are concerned. we know that. all of us know that. we have talked to republicans. we have a proposal that is a proposal that the president will sign. it takes into consideration many of the objectives the republicans had. there are no revenues. there are cuts that lowers the debt by $2.4 trillion, allows us to increase the debt. it is a fair piece of legislation. if they think it can be improved, let them tell us how they think it can be improved. they have until midnight tonight
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to do that. thank you. >> -- you say that mitch mcconnell is 20 feet away from you. why can't the two of you get into a room and work this out? >> i have a little trouble understanding that myself. why we have, for days, received no responses from the republicans. why they have not and willing to work with us on what most of us feel -- they have done a lot that they wanted, as i indicated yesterday, i say again today, fred thompson said take your chips and go home. you've won. >> who else is going to be at the meeting at the white house? >> i don't know. i didn't schedule it.
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>> what about an outside amendment of some sort, and also the trillion dollars in savings. >> let's take those one at a time. balanced budget amendment, that's one thing that senator mcconnell and i talked about lots of times. we have no problem with the balanced budget amendment. we have one on our side that senator mark udall worked very hard to prepare. it is ready to go. we have no problem with that. they want a balanced budget vote, we want to have one. it seems r s a little odd to me however, for something as important as this, an effort to get the bear majority they have in the house yesterday, they put in their bill that a -- you have to actually pass the constitutional amendment before they will allow the debt to be increased. that's a little extreme, i would think. we're happy to have a vote on
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balanced budget amendments. we had them before. happy to have them again. on your other question, we whe t had two wars. this administration didn't start either one of them. that war cost us almost $2 trillion. the afghanistan war, the iraq war, are winding down. office of management and budget and the congressional budget office looked at this and said if you take a trillion dollars, it will lower the debt by a trillion dollars and allow us to take an additional $200 billion in interest savings. that's what we have in our bill. it all has been done by the nonpartisan congressional budget office. so i can't imagine the fact that they have voted for it.
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it 230 republicans voted for that. 40 republicans over here voted for it. why is it suddenly something they don't want? >> you noted the republicans that signed the letter. scott brown said he's working with you and he will vote for your bill, but he's trying to get -- wonder if you could speak to that and if there are three others, assuming you polled your caucus -- >> your math is terrific. 57 and get three more. we get 60. the issue has been now for a week or so a tribute. th if they don't come up with a result what should happen?
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certain things should happen. we have been willing to say that there could be a sequestration as long as it included some revenue. it is unfair to make this all a spending deal and we have billionaire and millionaires and corporate jets and yachts and all this stuff that should be fair. the american people agree with us. they agree with us. they all agree that there should be shared sacrifice. that's our bill, the shared sacrifice bill. so i -- we're happy to have a trigger. they cannot keep turning their head away from the american people who say there should be shared sacrifice. this will be the last question. >> senator mcconnell should be at the table. do you encourage him to sit down? >> in a little colloquy with senator mcconnell on the floor today, he's got to get this in his own mind. he complained on the senate
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floor and called the white house last saturday and told the president i want to be here. let's work this out by ourselves. now today, he's changed his mind. he wants the president involved. the president has been involved. he told us and i said this on the floor, with the republican democrat leaders and the cabinet room of the white house, he had been there a long time, a long meeting. he said i have spent more time, and i'm paraphrasing, i spent more time dealing with this breaking the debt ceiling and than all the other presidents combined. he's put in the time. ronald reagan had the debt increased during his eight years as president 18 times. he didn't spend even ten minutes with members of congress getting the debt ceiling raised. it was not an issue. only becoming an issue with the tea party driven republicans.
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>>. [ inaudible ] >> pardon me? >> does that need the president doesn't need to be at the table on the final round of talks this weekend? >> we'll see. can't have it both i wways. the president has always been willing to be fully engaged. thanks. >> clearly a very frustrated senate majority leader harry reid there underscoring what is at stake here, saying that we're at a crucial time in history. and he underscored that what he is proposed is a fair piece of legislation, it has been called the reid plan, lowers the debt by $2.3 trillion and says if republicans want to improve it, he says they have until midnight tonight in which to do so. let's check in with our congressional correspondent, kate bolduan, there on capitol hill. clearly he's frustrated, but at the same time, he says there has been some cooperation from the white house to try to be involved with members of capitol
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hill and he's trying to kind of correct what senator mitch mcconnell said earlier that the president is distancing himself from coming up with a solid plan. >> right. at the same time, of course, in -- at this point in the game there is quite a heightnd rhetoric on both sides. we also heard from republicaned that they have not had much communication from the white house. that, of course, is their position. they think at this point that the negotiations need to happen first here on capitol hill and then bring in the white house. but we are hearing today, especially, from the republican leader in the house, mitch mcconnell. he says any deal at this point that is going to be struck has to involve the president, or some member of the white house in order to get this across the finish line because we're so close to the deadline at this point. while we were listening to harry reid speak, i was also keeping an eye on the house floor.
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as the vote on senate ma jord harry reid's bill was coming to an actual vote and that vote happened and the conclusion was as we had expected, it did fail. this was the point, that the house republican leadership wanted to bring this forward to show that reid's bill did not have the support to pass in the house. we had a tit for tat for the past day, the same happened in the senate in terms of boehner's bill coming up and shooting it down. everyone is asking when are the negotiations really going to begin to -- once this maneuvering is done, that it is now over with, now can they start talking. >> and it is the old question, now what? the house, we understand, has adjourned until tomorrow at some point. so then no house members will be negotiating with one another.
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republicans, democrats, even talking to the senate side until maybe 24 hours from now? >> a member of the democratic leadership in the senate, senator dick durbin, told reporters over the past couple of days, you'll see action on the floor. we saw quite a bit of action on the floor in the senate and the house today. there is a lot of talking going on. but when it comes to a big piece of legislation or something that is controversial that is debt ceiling extension has become, the deal is struck when the leadership -- when the real negotiators get into a room and say what are we going to do here? they don't get worked out on the senate floor. they get worked out inside a room when they cannot talk to the cameras, talk to each other. they're working towards the conversations, but to after some perspective, why are they going through the motions of having the votes.
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there say sense among senate republicans or republicans in general that they couldn't maybe -- they couldn't really start negotiating or talking until they -- reid's bill was on the same footing as the boehner bill they are on record, showing that neither can pass congress. now there is no excuse. they need to start negotiating. >> we understand now that nancy pelosi and harry reid are making their way to the white house. but unclear whether there will be any republican representation on its way to the white house or having any kind of dialogue at all with the president. are you hearing anything about that? >> haven't heard yet. we did just hear harry reid, he seemed surprised himself that he had just gotten the message that he needed to leave the white house. i'll see who else will be sitting around that table as well. the debt crisis in washington having a palpable effect on the rest of the
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country. i-reporters are express iing -- >> congress, will you please remember the golden rule? do unto others as you would have them do unto you. it is not do unto others before they do unto you. please go back to sunday school. >> if you want to share your opinion on the debt impasse, upload your video at mitch mcconnell will be on "state of the union" to address the debate tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. just what is it going to find a solution. we break down the hurdles and options. don't miss get it done, counseldown to debt crisis only on cnn. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time.
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international headlines now. a low key royal wedding tops our look at international stories. queen elizabeth's granddaughter zahra philips married a rugby player in a private ceremony in scotland's capital today. she wore an ivory silk down by one of the queen's favorite designers. a ten-hour interrogation of the norway terror suspect reveals he planned to attack other targets. investigators are not saying what the other targets were. and in italy, dna evidence came under scrutiny today at the appeal trial of amanda knox, she is the mesh studeamerican stude convicted of the murder of her british roommate.
3:25 pm
two key pieces of evidence used to convict her should not have been admitted. back in the u.s. now. warren jeffs, the polygamous sect leader on trial for sexual assault of a child says he can defend himself better than anyone else so he fired his lawyers. i talked with the legal guys about this move earlier today. >> i think he fired his attorneys so he could stare down any of the prosecution witnesses that are put on the stand from his cult and intimidate them. but the other day in court, he basically told a judge, if anybody rules against him, are ahe has any problems as a result of this, everyone will suffer and they're going to die. that's the message he gave to the judge. the judge warranted him, if does he that in the presence of the jury, they'll throw him out of the courtroom. his message, fred, is this. he haze religion been around for 100 years, he believes they can
3:26 pm
rape children, they can molest children, they can have -- they can father babies with children. and it is okay because it is all cloaked under the veil of his religion. that's not how it works. and it will be a sad day if we get a repeat of a casey anthony in this particular case. >> so, avery, you see it differently. >> this has nothing to do with casey anthony. i don't see a relation. judge barbara walter has been taking control. she's been advising mr. jeffs. look, you're not making an opening statement, not generally objecting. she let him rant for one hour. so she's protencted the record. ironically, he was convicted in utah of related activities but good lawyers. this time he burned through seven lawyers, gave them up, now
3:27 pm
he put himself in jeopardy. in one more week, we'll look for a conviction. >> put himself in jeopardy as contained to a conviction. does it leave the door open that potentially i he could face new charges for going on or kicking of courtroom decorum. he's making admissions that can be used by law enforcement to recharge him for other crimes. if the matter weren't so serious, it is utterly zany. not yearning for xi these, yearning for get me out of here and he's doing it all wrong. >> catch our legal guys every saturday beginning at noon eastern. ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car
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the house of representatives has just rejected a u.s. senate plan to raise the american debt ceiling, putting the nation one step closer to possible default on tuesday. the house has now adjourned until 1:00 p.m. sunday. republicans, mitch mcconnell and john boehner, are scheduled to hold a news conference shortly and cnn will bring that to you live. democrats harry reid and nancy pelosi are heading to the white house for a meeting. stay with cnn for all the continuing developments. recent polls show americans want lawmakers to compromise on a debt deal. even if it means reaching an agreement they don't completely like. that call for compromise can be
3:31 pm
heard loud and clear from i-reporters weighing in on >> let's stop the bickering, let's stop the show of disrespect between the different parties and the parties and the president getting down to business. let's get out of this mess we're in regardless of who got us here and how it happened. we have never defaulted on a loan. let's not start now. let's not shipwreck this country. >> if you want to share your opinion on the debt crisis, upload your video at a plane that originated in new york crashed at an airport in georgetown, guyana, early this morning. the boeing 737 split in two. no one was killed. but several people were injured. the caribbean airlines plane was carrying more than 160 passengers and crew. and there is a $10,000 reward being offered after 27 rifles were stolen from the ft. irwin army post in california.
3:32 pm
the rifles were reported missing earlier this month. the atf says several arrests have been made already and one firearm has actually been recovered. are you confused by all this debt talk in washington? it is easy to get lost in the billions and trillions of dollars. cnn's richard quest makes it easier to understand. >> reporter: i want you to think of the current crisis in terms of a credit card. it has been issued by u.s. taxpayers and bond holders. the bank of borrowers. and has been issued to the u.s. government. now, needless to say, the government has a platinum credit card. it can borrow money and has done for many decades. this credit card has fueled the u.s. economy. well, now, the credit card bill has arrived. and it shows a sorry state of affairs. overspending, over $118 billion
3:33 pm
a month. notice the sign of reductions. that spending, you and i spend for clothes and meals and movies, and in this case, it is defense, social security, medicare. there is very few areas you can cut back on. this is pretty much all that can be cut. the rest, sacrosanct. that's the scenario underwhich the overspending takes place. the u.s. credit card we have shown you has a debt limit much as you and i would have. exactly as you and i would have. but in the u.s.' case, it is $14.3 trillion. when you and i overspend, we ring the bank and say raise the limit. the u.s. has done that 74 times since 1962. interesting in the year i was born. what just happened now with that credit card? the bank has basically said august 2nd is the date when you can no longer borrow anymore.
3:34 pm
to some people that suggest it may be august 15th when the cash runs out. it doesn't really matter which it is. when all is said and done, the credit card bill has arrived. the credit card is groaning under its own weight. and the u.s. government has been told by borrowers, it is time to stop spending. richard quest, cnn, london. >> now still on capitol hill, a collision of proposals. we understand that nancy pelosi and harry reid are on their way to the white house right now after a defeat of the senate plan, the reid plan in the house. that vote taking place earlier today and apparently now house members will not reconvene back on the hill until tomorrow at roughly 1:00 sunday time. so we'll keep you posted on how that meeting is to take place. we also understand that house speaker john boehner is expected to hold a press conference,
3:35 pm
maybe something like 15 minutes or so from now. when that happens, we'll take that live for you. republican senator mitch mcconnell will be on "state of the union" to discuss the debt debate tomorrow, sunday morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. also, just what is it going to take to find a solution to our debt crisis? wolf blitzer and don lemon break down all the hurdles and options. don't miss "get it done, countdown to debt crisis" sunday night, 9:00 eastern time, only on cnn.
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it is so hot. and so dry across almost every inch of texas that conditions are worse right now than they were during the dust bowl years ago. and if that isn't enough, the drought has fueled a grasshopper invasion. take a look here. texas farmers repeatedly sprayed but the pests simply keep coming back. >> about ten days ago we sprayed and probably the crop of grasshoppers that are here now have hatched out since then. >> the only good news, if you can call it that, is that there is not much left for the grasshoppers to actually eat. not good news if you're a grasshopper. let's check in with jacqui jeras it very dry. it is dangerous. cattle are being sold. crops are not growing. it is quite miserable.
3:39 pm
we saw earlier, homes are shifting from their foundations because of the cracked soil. >> yeah. that's a big problem. in the houston area, they have been dealing with that problem. this is the drought monitor. once a week, they will take a good look here, noaa will, at the conditions. the soil moisture, how much rainfall we had compared to where things should be and you can see the outline of the state of texas. we'll show it a little bit easier for you. and look at all of this dark brown. dark brown is extremely bad. that's an exceptional drought. we're talking nearly 75% of the state dealing with this. the entire state is dealing with at least some type of drought conditions. so it really is a very extreme situation and, you know, we have been dealing with a little tropical system there, don, which moved in late yesterday. and we were really hoping, not necessarily for a drought buster, but a little bit of relief, right? bring us a little bit of rain.
3:40 pm
let's get something good out of it. a weak system, 50 miles per hour when it made landfall but look how it fizzled out. when the ground is dry like this, it is hard to get any moisture out of it. maybe what is left of don as it brought a little bit of rain down maybe, maybe half an inch for some of the areas, that will provide a little bit of moisture to hopefully get things going and start getting more active systems coming in here. this time of the year we don't get cold fronts that drop on down and have to look for tropical development to help out. here is some numbers to show you the deficit of the rainfall across the state. many areas are looking at a foot or more in terms of rainfall that they need just to make up where we should be for this time of the year. we do have another tropical system out here, just a wave right now. the model is picking this up into our next named storm, emily. it will be a good week before this will get any anywhere near the u.s. most of the models bring it in toward the leeward and winward
3:41 pm
islands. we'll see development up here as we head into july. as we head into august, what a difference. things are really going to be changing in the upcoming weeks. >> my goodness, all right. we look forward to that. thank you. so many people are struggling to make ends meet, any little bit helps. in a moment, you are going to meet a man whose life -- whose life work, that is, is providing that little extra support. with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. ask your eyecare professional for your transitions certificate of authenticity for your chance to win instant monthly prizes or our $20,000 grand prize! the eagle flies at dawn. the monkey eats custard. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor. so, you've been double crossed by other travel sites and now you want to try the real deal.
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♪ most of all, most of all... ♪ welcome back. under 30 minutes ago, we heard from senate majority leader harry reid on capitol hill. now we're expecting to hear from house speaker john boehner taking to that microphone stand right there on left-hand side of your screen before the house adjourns until being back in session tomorrow, 1:00 eastern time. we'll take it live when john boehner steps to the microphone. the time is now to help for sal
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damicelli, it is more than just a saying, it is his passion. he vowed to help people in need at the age of 12. he's our cnn hero of the week. >> when i go through suburbia america, where the small towns, everybody is trying to hold their head up with pride. you've been looking for work? okay. i know it is tough in a recession. >> anything. >> i went and sold all my jewelry yesterday. >> these people, behind closed doors, they tell their neighbors are fine, they would sooner go in the house and starve. how much right now? >> gas bill, i owe about $800. >> i find this situation is getting worse. they need food. they need help with the utilities. this is 2011 in america, we should be helping each other. i'm sal dimiceli. my mission is to help my fellow americans who have fallen on hard times. in a week, i'll receive 20 to 30
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so everyone is trying to figure out how do i stay cool in this heat? >> and the dog days of summer. >> in the dog days of summer. this little fido was -- >> two of them. >> yeah, two. this one in particular really was a this one in particular is very determined about it. watch it, he's hot, he takes a little sip. he says, you know what? i've got an add, let's take this puppy home. >> it was apparently too hot to stay outside in the pool, so the dog drags this thing full of water and tries to bring it through the patio door. >> wait a minute, i just want another sip, please. >> yeah, just do this, shim my t on into the doorway. >> do they think it's like a little dish or if it's a water dish. >> it's getting difficult, somehow the shape's not making it into the doorway, turn it
3:51 pm
sideways, get rid of the water. >> that was two smart pooches but one in particular. >> what are the owners thinking that are videotaping this. >> i wouldn't have let my dog bring in the pool. >> we still are not really sure which city from which this originates, but if you know, let us know, it's cute, nonetheless. >> we'll see you again for more weather, more hot stuff and maybe another good viral before we close it up. >> sounds good. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote.
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all right, the debt debate still unresolved. at the white house, we understand that senate majority leader harry reid and nancy pelosi are on their way to talk to the president there and try to work something out. and then on capitol hill, we understand that house leader john boehner any moment now will be taking to the microphones there to talk about where the house goes from here. the house rejected the senate plan, the reid plan early today and this after the senate rejected the house plan yesterday. so we'll try to get some sem
3:55 pm
ambulance of what's going to take place next from capitol hill or the white house. when that happens, we'll take it live. cnn's sandra endo talks to some americans about what they're worried about may happen next as to the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the political dance? washington is frustrating for senior citizens at this pasadena center. they want the debt problem solved. but 81-year-old mildred hawkins says it shouldn't be on their backs. >> i worked years and years to save money to live off when i become a senior. what do i have to look forward to now? >> reporter: that's because cuts to social and medicare are on the table. 20 million americans rely on those benefits to survive. without it many say they would be out on the street.
3:56 pm
>> i wouldn't be able to function, but i hate that that day is staring us in the face. >> reporter: what do you think of all the back and forth bickering? >> i think i would like to see all of them have to trade places with us. and let them try and live on what we don't have and what they're trying to even cut more of. >> the aarp is putting pressure on congress with an aggressive petition campaign. >> you cannot cut these programs for people who have worked all of their lives and earned them. ♪ >> reporter: when the autumn leaves start to fall, seniors typically come out strong to vote and they will remember. >> 4rhouse leader, speaker john boehner on capitol hill speaking out. let's listen. >> this is a reasonable and responsible approach that will end this crisis and get our
3:57 pm
economy moving again and get americans back to work. the only thing standing in the way of the house proposal over on the senate is the president and senator reid. it's time for them to tell us what they're for. time to tell us how they're going to get us out of the cul-de-sac that they have driven our country into. so we're hoping that we'll hear from them soon about their plan for how we end this crisis. >> i don't want to linger too long on the spectacle that's going on over in the senate, but it is worth noting. that you have the majority in effect refusing to accept a vote on their own proposal. we know the reid proposal will not pass the senate, we know it will not pass the house. and my view is we ought to end that charade and get serious. now in the category of getting serious, i have spoken to both
3:58 pm
the president and the vice president within the last hour. we are now fully engaged, the speaker and i, with the one person in america out of 307 million people who can sign a bill into law, i'm confident and optimistic that we're going to get an agreement in the very near future and resolve this crisis in the best interests of the american people. >> a couple of questions. >> reporter: mr. speaker, question for you, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is in afghanistan and he was asked by a number of soldiers whether they're going to get their checks next week? how can you even allow these soldiers to wonder whether they're going to get paid? >> i think senator mcconnell and i are both confident that we're going to be able to come to some agreement with the house and end this impasse. >> reporter: delay the vote for various reasons the past couple of days, but does that buy time that we could have had it realistically worked out with a
3:59 pm
bipartisan agreement next door? >> we could have had this bill finished early last week. there was a bipartisan agreement between myself and the senate leaders to move the underlying bill that we moved through the house yesterday. and if the president, all he had to do was say yes and that bill would have moved quickly through both the house and the senate, so we have wasted a week that we didn't need to waste and now we have been driven into this cul-de-sac and it's time for the president to decide how we're going to get out of it. >> reporter: specifically, what gives you confidence you're going to get an agreement? >> in spite of our differences, i think we're dealing with reasonable, responsible people who want this crisis to end as quickly as possible. and i'm confident that we will. >> let me just add, you know, our country is not going t


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